It’s a learning thing

Okay, technically this hsould go on my “resource room” blog —  but that has a remarkable paucity of visits.

So I revisited

And yes, Paul Simon does this incredible awesome and inspiring to any teacher or wannabee teacher job of bringing out the best in this girl — but, also, she had to have just practiced the bloop

Oops, I forgotg to say that … I saw it at a computer with no sound. I just read lips because I know the song. Well,  Can’t type now…

Okay, so anyway, it took AUTOMATICITY for her to be able to do that. To be able to know that song so well that when she came to the part about “HERE COMES SOMETHIGN AND IT FEELS SO GOOD, AND JUST LIKE A DOG i WAS BEFRIENDED” … that it took on its own meaning because yea, that’s what was happening.

So — when you learn something, learn it well! You just never know!

(and study this thing.  SO many Overt Communications happen.)

Oh. And it is about  bicycling.  I shall think of this taking off for Danville tomorrow. SOmetimes you just have to PUT IT OUT.

And she wasn’t oh, a self-centered jerk about it. You did not see in her face “OH! My Susan Boyle Moment!”   She was just IN the moment.

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