An adventure planned…

… I’ll let momma nature help me decide just how adventurous it will be.

Tomorrow I’msupposed to talk in Danville about bike riding. Safety.   Today I wrote out the talk and it really will take about 15 minutes and I sort of almost practiced!

Then I tried to make the route. Danville is SCARY.   (Yea, I know, the intrepid cyclist… how many times have I said that I’m intrepid about wind and distance and chill — but I don’t like N + 1 things happening, much less the N + 4 or N + 31 that can happen in a city.  I did *not* ride a bicycle in Culpeper.)

But I shall endeavor to leave Enough Time.   The wind will not be with me. There may be violent thunderstorms. (I may take the zipcar :P)

and no, I have already I think changed my mind… going to go North instead of South because I *think* I end up cutting north anyway, dudes.

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