Good turnout, Channel three covered it (but it’s 4:57, so I don’t have time to tell ’em how to spell Band)

It wasn’t really all about David and Cindy — Sherry Helfer was there, her first ride on her new bike — her arm and bike got creamed two years ago by a hit and run driver.  A man named Frank rode, too, on a Peugot that had slightly more metal in it than his ankle, which had to be rebuilt after *he* was hit by a driver who fled the scene. (Have I mentioned that ’round here, cyclists are treated as future road kill by their own choice to try to ride here  by certain parts of the law enforcement community?)

The thing I wish I’d remembered about the Ride of Silence (note to self: one thign was to include those words in  your description so you could search for it next year!) — change the route to what you ended up *doing* last year.  This year I did remember to turn up and go to Main — at Coler, not Busey as the map said — but Main is too crappy for words and then we have to do the gang left turn when it Y’s with Springfield.   Last year my bike went automatic pilot and took Green to Race, where it ends so the left turn is no more complicated than on Coler, and is easier to navigate.

Have actually remembered to post my 2 mile challenge miles so I’ve got 84 points! Yea, it’s made by people who are still car-slaves, else there wouldn’t be a maximum challenge of 7 “trips by car avoided” per week.  Good grief, if I go to the bike ride (not counting the bike ride itself, but avoiding the car trip thereto), go to the bike project, do some food shopping and then go to Marge’s — a typical Saturday — then by Sunday’s church and visits I’ve maxed out.

Bought a new tire for the back end of the Xtra. Was talked into 32 instead of 28mm … we’ll see how long before these start flappin’ in the wind.

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