Too Tired!

Rode the folder in today — two bikes out of commission at the same time.   Saturday the Schwinn was utterly flat when I departed from the Bike Project.  It’s an old tire, but I’ll see if I can get another few hunnert miles out of it. Yesterday along the PEdaling for Pleasure ride, Stan asked if I’d run over anythign that was stuck to my tires, since something was hanging off of them.  As I suspected, it was the top layer of the tire — these are the same tires that developed bubbles in the heat of last summer, and then the bubbles popped so I didn’t have that weird flapping sound.   (Pics to follow, prob’ly :))

Which reminds me that studly tires are on sale at Peter White ’til the end of this month and I was going to get some for the folder…


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