… is not always a good thing. There are often trucks passing me on the little stretch of Church Street between Mattis and Country Fair because Church turns into the Interstate after Country Fair.   Most of ’em are taking a right turn from Mattis, so they’ve got two lanes to work with and generally they use that left lane.   Usually it’s the same flavors of trucks… I hadn’t seen a “Sunshine” truck before but because it was about 10 inches to my right, I got an excellent view.  I was inspired to land on my air horn for an extended time, and he was inspired to apply his brakes — though it was only a little early for stopping for the light, which was red (so, d’oh, he didn’t need to pass me anyway).

I knew I had my camera accessible, so whilst the light was still red, I took a couple of shots… just to make him think.   My telepathic abilities deemed that he was doing the Not Paying Attention thing… so hopefully my actions jarred him into wakefulness. (It’s also a busy enough intersection that there would be witnesses were he or she to leap from the cab to confront me.)

I had had every intention of rising early and riding long… but when NPR was only about Osama Bin Laden being killed I kept hitting pause and going back to sleep.  Hearing people cheer and sing the joys of killing isn’t my idea of a Magnificent Monday.


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