“they’ll kill us”

So I’m heading out of Parkland and waiting at the light, and I see a couple toodling down the sidewalk towards me.   The lady is in front, on a pink Townie. She stops at the intersection.   She lets one left turning car go by and then proceeds into the intersection, and she and the next car do a little confused dance.   I don’t even remember who “won,” but she proceeded by me, saying “They’ll kill us!”
Now, I am pretty sure (but not positive) that the left turners had an arrow. As in, a green light.  Saying Go.   And if you have already stopped, then I do not expect you to decide that the *second* car needs to yield.
This is one of those slightly subtle skills that call for education (assuming the lady is educable).

I”m going to have next Saturday’s Saunter be really short and sweet, 9 miles, and I realized when someone asked if trail-a-bikes were welcome that oh, yes, I should make this an “education” ride and do a whole talk about how not to run into each other and how to be Visible and Predictable.

And now I’m going to make a poster for the Ride of Silence.

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