Details on Maul/Combs case

This includes lots of details about just what Errol Maul said happened (he looked down at some paperwork and then the bike was in front of him and he dind’t have time to slow down or stop   — I don’t care what you were looking at, it wasn’t the road, dude) and the law about revoking his license — and then there’s this:

“A phone call to the Circuit Clerk’s office yesterday verified that they had sent the “Report of Court Disposition” to the Secretary of State, as stated on their website (Case #11TR004615 was sent on Thursday, April 20). However, there is nothing on that report that would indicate that a fatality occurred in the commission of the offenses to which Maul pled guilty.”

Who put this report together? Kindly do not PRETEND to give one whit about Cindy Comb’s life.  Just how far does your disregard go?

I *do* have sympathy for Errol Maul.   I have sympathy for many other criminals, too.   However, I don’t want to put them in the path of temptation to repeat a crime  they have proven themselves lacking the discipline to resist (especially when their stories change to protect themselves, calling into question any remorse).

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