romance of torque

I watched at the bike coop as a lady doing her bike build was told a different grip that let her get a tight bolt to move. I noted that my father would have shown me that, but gone on to explain this thing called torque.

I don’t remember the actual incident when my father explained torque to me, but it was something like that. Michael said he wouldn’t go into all that…. and I realized that … it’s the delivery.   When my father explained torque, it wasn’t because YOU SHOULD LEARN THIS, it was because there was this simply INCREDIBLE explanation for how that worked that was elegant and beautiful and he just had to share.  (God was somehow involved.)

I remember thinking how totally amazing it was that if you got further away you could push more and … I suspect I rejoiced that it had A Name.  I bet he did NOT CARE what it was called, but I am his verbal daughter 😉

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