Soggy, foggy dew

Rode in late ’cause my fridge needed fixing.   I could have done it — take every thing out, unscrew things, clean it up — but Frazier’s had the tools and the skills to do it extremely quickly (granted, it helped that I had a cooler and one sinkwell empty for dumping things into) and it’s a flogging recession and I have a job so I was rather happy to pay for a service and trickle something down and very happy to have a fully functional fridge. Happily the rain held off (I’d have taken another hour of personal time, but I checked the radar…)

So the money guys on WILL were discussing that with this gas price spike, people are cutting back on driving more than in the previous one…. because they are *REMEMBERING* the recession.  What a bunch of out-of-touch nimrods (look it up — hunter and/or jerk).  It is SO NOT OVER.   I have decided not to spend any money for a week… okay $10.   Unless soemthing really good comes up on Steep and Cheap 😛  (I am also thinking that inflation *is* a little volcano waiting to erupt here, and so if there’s *stuff* to get, now is the time to get it.)

I got me a kyoot purple flashlight (from Battery Junction) and at first thought I’d just gotten the measly regular keychain 1AA ’cause it surely didn’t seem like 90 lumens.  Then I read the directions and slid its little head tight to turn it on, then off and on then off and on… and whew! it packs a wallop.   No, it isn’t going to last long on 1AA but I *like* having that kind of firepower in that little package. Same for the headlamp (but that one’s 3AAA).

NiteIZe, the folks who make SpokeLits, also have a $4.00 rubber gizmo with holes to hold a little flashlight on handlebars.   Howsomever, it’s lacking a way to hold it on the bike if the flashlight isn’t in it, so I’ll stick to rubber bands that can dangle from my dainty wrist.

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