Yesterday’s home from the PCC pizza party was into 25 mph winds.   We had a good turnout … I guess I should be happy that when I announced that we were taking checks for the David Combs recovery fund and DSC’s sensory garden, everybody seemed to already know what had happened… and people are still angry and upset, and determined to try to remind the community of what was ripped away from it by a negligent driver (who, somebody said, they could tell *had been* on facebook… so I suppose Errol Maul did get enough fallout to not want to be a public person in that regard. )

This morning the wind was still strongly from the east, as I realized when I got that creepy “world is too quiet!” feeling.   It let me charge through the Prospect and Mattis intersections.   THe 9B bus had to pass me twice but I beat it to Parkland and got a nod and a wave (perhaps because I was being my most predictable so he knew I wasn’t going to duck across in front of him ;)) .

(re-doing that part of the blog:

David Combs is still in critical care ICU, though perhaps moving to ‘less acute ICU’ if things progress.  Prayers and support appreciated

Donations to the Developmental Services Center in Cindy’s honor

can be made by calling 217-356-9176.  A link to a blog to post memories of Cindy is front and center.

DSC is an awesome place.   Let’s at least make *something* good come from this suckage.

Cards of support can be sent to:David Combs
Room 7712
611 W. Park
Urbana, IL 61801


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