… so I’m cruising home via campus, on Pennsylvania, where it’s a tad skinny, and there’s a car coming and one behind me.  SO I control the lane because no, sir, there really isn’t room for you to get past me safely and yes, it’s another hundred yards before… oh, it doesn’t matter, you’re turning into that parking lot.

Well, no, it does, because really you are trying to scoot through the parking lot fast enough to pass me!   So my alerts are a blazing because that’s an aggressive move… but I was already going fast to try to keep you from getting too annoyed behind me, so um, I beat you to the exit.

You then pass me, leaving ample room, not gonig too fast… and you even stop at the stop sign.  I do, too, which means you do get to get ahead of me at that point… and you tootle away, not aggressively. Go figure?




6 responses to “drivers…

  1. Like most motorists, this one just wanted to get somewhere quickly and without conflict. The guy probably just made the error of thinking you were going half your actual speed and then gracefully gave in when that became apparent as the end-around failed.

    • That is what the evidence suggests happens… how often do drivers gracefully give in, though? I considered whether it was a simple “oh, well, *that* didn’t work…” or that there was a passenger that said “what are you doing?!? Chill out!”

  2. Many days I think about wording a shirt with the following:
    First one to the signal light loses!

  3. … but it also reinforced controlling my lane. With that same simple desire to move quickly, without conflict, if I’d been playing gutter bunny he’d have tried that ancient cajun practice to “squeeze bayou.”

  4. “how often do drivers gracefully give in, though?”

    Almost always, though the rare exceptions can be truly memorable. Control those narrow lanes and even the rare exceptions wll be no more than royal jerks. Don’t believe it? Consult with the C-U cyclists that went through LCI training with me.

  5. They are graceful under normal circumstances; I’ve controlled that piece of lane many the time on my commute. Cutting through the parking lot to try to squeeze around, though, was certainly not indicative of a “yielding gracefully” situation.
    I have sometimes inspired a shift in attitude — the time the guy at the fourway stop pulled right out in front of me as I was proceeding and I stopped and exclaimed in the voice of a plaintive ten-year-old: “It’s a four way stop and I was here first!” … and a full three seconds later I heard, “I’m sorry.” I’m reasonably sure from my tone and his that he thought I was developmentally delayed. I’m good with that if you’ll drive more carefully.

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