Spring is here! Burn the fat…

Storm was done by the time I commuted (of course, thank you much, weather ;))… and thanks, weatehr, for making Saturday reasonably decent for my first 100KM ride. Yes, the headwind fromMansfield back was less than fun — and yes, I need to do more CARB LOADING kinds of things because I’m pretty sure that’s why I was feeling TIRED the last 15 miles; nothing was sore the next day. Of course, since up ’til 9:00 p.m. I didn’t know I was going to ride long ’cause I was still in search of my zipcard, which would have meant I rode 12 miles instead of 66, I hadn’t physically or psychologically prepped myself — I did bring pump & tools and found the right size tube for the cute little folder, but I packed as if I were commuting — no food.

So I did that “ride while fasting” thing that’s supposed to be so good for fat burning — and when I got back the scale read 142.4 pounds (after I’d chugged a fair amount of Gatorade), which is about five pounds lighter than the alst time I stepped on it… but that was 3 weeks ago.   We’ll see how much was water and comes back, but I’m happy about that.

Um, yes, with every mile out on the prairie I hoped that the next driver coming up behind me didn’t have his head up his dash, and my route could have taken me by a crash site, but I wasn’t ready for that (or, I would have been compelled to stop and I didn’t have time,or…)


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