infrastructure blues

Had a CCB meeting last night. We got to see the grant that CHampaign did *not* get for improving Windsor… more on why  eventually.
I come out and see that somebody has strung their lock through my water bottle cage.  I’m taking out my Allen wrench to free it when my friend comes over to offer condolences, and I mention the lock problem and she notes that even if I free the bike, I’ll lose the water bottle cage. I noted that hey, if this bike owner were, say, a 6’2″ single male … but this was a Townie with a very low seat. My extroverted friend proceeds to approach the nearest woman of appropriate height and, indeed, it’s her bike so I’m freed.

I’m buying a smartphone from said friend.   Yes, my fourth new phone on the fourth charger is working wonderfully, but I”m ready to upgrade. HOpefully I won’t regret the switch…

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