I love my lips ;)

…. I’m inclined to agree with those who think Unofficial should be embraced and monetized by more than the bars….  but at least I picked the right day to chug a mess of tea as I went out the door… and then realize ten minutes later that no, I really hadn’t eaten enough to provide a proper buffer, and the last time that had happened (a few years ago), I learned… well… I figured that this was the right day to be nauseous in public ’cause this is “Unofficial Saint Patrick’s Day,” the dreamchild of a bar owner who decided a few years ago to declare a drinking day that wasn’t during spring break to make more money off students.   With relatively little fanfare things got better  though I did get an inquiry about my well-being from a friend coming back from Mass at St. Pat’s.

Hoppily, it only drizzled on me on the ride home, which I did circuitously.  I installed my lips while fixing my tire last night, which flatted on the ride in THursday… I felt rim-on-rubber at the railroad tracks 1.5 miles from work and pedaled pretty hard and got a mile closer… of *course* in the course of tire fixing I emptied my baskets to flip the bike, and had not returned the tubes… tho’ once I took this one off and pumped it up, the nick in it was so manifest that I found the patches and slapped one on, and enjoyed using the ratchet wrench I got for Christmas.I reveled in the relative ease of getting the tire back on the rim.   I ‘booted’ the tire in the general location of where the nick in the tube was;  I didn’t find any glass, but I could feel threads… the tire is pretty worn.   I’m going to have to see if CHampaign Cycle can get me S 6’s… or p’raps the bike coop.

I flipped her back over, smiled at the lips, and took off… and realized that oh, yea, the price of ease of putting back on the rim is that you have to pay close attention to seating.  It wasn’t *too* oval — I only  noticed on the clear stretches — but I’ll hoist it up at the bike coop tomorrow and tend to that.

I finally did the bike rack bus thing, which really is painless (especially for a person who is a “follow the directions” type). Three steps and the directions are right there on the rack. I took a picture of my retroreflective lips at the Terminal waiting to transfer to the Green. Based on reactions there and on the road, I think it’s the right combination of visible and humourous, without being too … too.   Nobody commented on it… riding home tonight *everybody* gave me a ton of room.  Granted, I wasn’t on Bradley, where Wednesday a woman in a van was inclined to shout very indignantly to “Get the F Out of the Way!”  — I’m sure not understanding why I didn’t hug the curb so she could squeeze by me. I’m not even sure there was traffic to the left at that point.

I am feeling frugal so I’m going to try to figure out a way to only replace the faded and worn parts of my flash flag, It is a bit limp and faded… but maybe if I just rotate it and paint the faded part…  I’ll get a new one  for the Schwinn, though…

Of course, everybody might have been giving me a ton of room because they were simply doing as I was — assuming everyone on the road is schnokkered.  Somebody gave me two light honks after passing me — and I wondered if it was somebody I know… and then remembered the Lips… it could have been a “nice lips!” honk.

I am seriously considering keeping an eyeball out for five inch reflectors and making a similar thing happen on the back of the Xtracycle, where there would be less wind drag on the lips.

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