Flash Flag — I’m psyched :)

Terry Smith of “flashback” retroreflective doodads is sending me samples to show off to my cohorts in the cycling community. http://www.flashback.ca/flashflags.html is where they are… and hopefully soon to be available at a bike coop near you.   I ordered retroreflective stuff so I can make my lips even tastier.

I completely overslept today … fortunately by an hour so I could keep the same pace in the mental fog I was in and the clock kinda looked the same. Traffic wasn’t much different an hour later. The racer was a lot slower, though… I was just foggy. I forced myself to up the pace — I even had the Garmin, since I’ve figured out a quick rubber band combo that I can leave on it, wrapped around the previous speedometer’s mount. Then I had a brilliant idea — I could go to the Sprint store! Oops, the phone is out at school.   Oh, “Snap.”   I am holding back from the urge to put hot sauce in it… but it does have a little wear and tear.

It was snowing this a.m. but I just fuzzily decided that didn’t matter. (It was also 31 at the airport by the time I left, which did translate into damp roads, not icy, and I could have just tossed the bike onto the bus if I felt like it.)   I do like my CUMTD.

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