More OT stuff

(but this morning’s ride in was nice — Speed Racer is FAST 🙂 🙂 )

The links of Cell Phone Research:  — this has verizon as “top dog” — but I suspect this has a whole lot to do with the fact that RICH PEOPLE subscribe to Consumer Reports.  (Back in the day — like 35-40 years ago – this was less true, but they gradually shifted to catering more and more to high-end shoppers. They **always** gave horrible ratings to things like Volkswagen Beetles — back when they had engines in the back — because they didn’t ride softly and smoothly.  THings like mileage?  Pshaw. I actually subscribed for a little while when I’d just bought a house — but got disgusted when I read up on buying my own soda water maker; the article was actually inaccurate and useless, and called into question their standards on everything.)  Rich people’s lives aren’t as affected by those fees…


I had the pleasure of reading my little missive  several times to the assorted people on the Sprint  phone chain of command… the call took slightly over half an hour, counting time on hold.  (Speaker phones are nice!)   Oddly, when I started reading, the “tension” hormones were triggered and I don’t think it would have happened if I’d just started talking.   For a minute or so I felt like I was talking to The PRincipal or A Cop… I’m going to ponder that.

…  And it could have been worse; other tales I’ve found online have been.  I talked to English speaking folks.   They weren’t rude to me, tho’ I wasn’t rude to them, either; I did get *some* harshness to my tone here and there, and spoke somewhat (not extremely) slowly as if they were just not quite bright enough to get what I was saying, and instead of saying “it happened four times,” I’d say It happened again, and again, and again, and again” and the like.

They all had teh “well, I can’t change that” script  when I asked to have the month without phone service not charged for, and even to consider letting me upgrade early to a smartphone.   No, even the “escalation manager” could only … tell the repair site to give me a different model phone.

Gee.   You can apologize as many times as you like.  You can recite “we want to get you a phone that will work” ad nauseum.  The fact is that they have not done a single thing to improve my situation or to recompense me for the time without the phones or the travel expenses.

When I suggested that since these were clearly defective, that perhaps I should get a new phone instead of a refurbished phone, he stated that their policy on the insurance plans was that it would be a similar phone, and it was generally refurbished.   I duly suggested that since clearly the refurbishing hadn’t taken, that it might be a wise policy to switch to new after oh, one or two defective phones of the same model.

I was compelled tos ay after the fourth “we want you to have a phone that works”  that the words were nice, but absolutely nothing they did had made that more likely, so I had to question the veracity of that statement.  Then I was on hold for a while (my friend suggested looking for a dictionary ;))…

I did inform them that I still planned on terminating my contract, even at $170, but I haven’t finished shopping.

Oh, and the “best moment of the call” by the spectators in the room was when the man had apologized for my wait on hold and I said, “oh, that was fine, it gave me time to Tweet the ongoing tale.”

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