Lips! Lips!

They didn’t get washed off in the rain, tho’ I had to park my bike out in the bike rack ’cause I thought I’d forgotten my lock.  I found it in my stuff when I got inside.

It is fast.  Don’t tell Xious, but she could leave as late as she did this morning and still get to work on time.  At the half hour point I was just about at Bradley and Mattis.  I had fond memories of when I first acquired this bicycle and attempted to break my personal bests on the commute — 56 minutes was my fastest.  I lived 0.7 miles closer, but I also took John in and back; I remember trying to get that puppy up to 25 mph going down John towards Mattis. I didn’t really go *that* hard for long this a.m. which made me realize how slothfully I’ve been riding.

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