I decided to go to Sprint and get the phone with new battery that Aaron said were waiting for me… at University and Cunningham.   I decided to just get on University and stay there and be a Bold Urban Cyclist, on my Racer.

At Prospect, where it’s still one way and two lanes, at the stop light I got off the bike to set up my big fat loight to turn on, but since the switch is ftummeled and requires gouging with a key, I then got on the bike.  It was 5:15 — just starting into dusk.
Big pickup next to me … window rolls down.  Tired voice says “It’s not on, honey.”   (Okay, *maybe* not honey. ) to which I replied gaily, “That’s the next stop light!”
“You got that exactly right.”   Then… “Thank you.”   So, I graduated from “these hopeless cyclists…” to “okay, this one at least tries!”  I replied “Thank *you.*”
So I get to the floggin’ downtown. For a few blocks I am getting through at the end of the light cycle and not really slowin’ anybody down… but then congestion reigns… about at the hospital a van whipped around me via the right turn lane and then cut back.  The van behind me managed to get around… Lincoln was most unpleasant because of the diagonal tracks — I ***really*** didn’t want to cut to the right and then ride ’em perpendicularly, so I compromised and cut a little and slowed a lot and happily they weren’t all that slimy, but I’ve gone down on them before, probably on that bike.
And besides, by that time, an Asian driver behind me had adopted me. She was a full car lenght back and … no, she wasn’t going to pass me.   *Maybe* she was unhappy, not feeling able to get around… but usually those folks manage to manifest that attitude.

The next mile yielded no useful data about driver behavior behind bicyclists on congested roads because that ol’ sample size was 1 and she was my shield.
Even though my mirror was behaving, I simply couldn’t bring myself to cut over to make a left turn at Five Points.   N + 47 risk factors, dude, and good grief, how rude it would be to get smeared on the pavement right in front of such a benevolent soul.   So I proceeded through, and then turned right  at the next street, onto Maple,self-centered enough to wonder if the lady woudl have followed me ’til I turned… I pulled over  and finally had my chance to finish the Turning On of the Light. (It was barely dusk.)
Crossing University sucked. I sort of had to create an imaginary median and go halfway across, angle the bike parallel to traffic, and wait the other seconds for the westbound to clear.
I got my phone. I hope it works.I wondered if the guy didn’t think I was totallywarped or trying to set up stealing a phone somehow or…
Crossing sucked coming back, too, though I went west enough for there to be the beginning of thereal dividing median. Met Nate that I know from the bike coop along the way, and he talked about the dropped change he retrieves nightly from pavement by the drive thru at the bank.
Oh, the bliss of Main Street 🙂

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