wimpy, wimpy, wimpy

I don’t need to go outside today, tho’ I did shovel my walk.   I am slogging around instead of getting out into nature.   I don’t have to focus and figure out what to do to get where I need to go… so I’m not.   IT’s not that it really makes sense to figure out how to take the bike out in really crappy conditions — really, riding in the crappy story-worthy conditions isn’t something you should set yourself up to do on purpose. I don’t like that I’ve gone into the “snow day” zone of dilly-dallying, tho’ I long since gave up self-flagellation for failing  to Do All Those Things You Said You’d Do If You Had Time on the spontaneous days off.  Still the only thing sillier than dillydallying is to sit at a computer and write about it, eh?   I did ride 1.5 miles yesterday to get my phone — but to a friend’s house to get a ride to the high-traffic corner, where I watched a two bicyclists either braver than I or … not having the option.

welp, think I’ll have some tea and at least do a few household chores… and at least 10 miles on ye olde trainer.   Oh, yea, I’d considered doing 50 … but Snow Da;y Syndrome kicked in.   C’mon, find the motorvation…

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