bakc in the saddle

We had the CCB meeting and Carl told me taht yes, the lining up of slits to adjust brakes had been a hand twist process, so I went home and applied the forgotten wisdom of “look at the other one like it, dweeb!”   So I looked at the bakc brake and grabbed the pliers and loosened what I’d wedged together and then everything cooperated and I took the brake cable out.  Still had to spend some time being confused and just loosening and tightening things until the brakes worked.   DOn’t know if I really needed to take the cable out at all.

Rode down to the Station Theatre to see Mauritius, which is a tale of utterly dysfunctional unhappy desperate people making each other more stressed.  The sarcasm could be quite amusing and it was very well acted and the story was a good one — predictable but engaging enough so one didn’t sit there predicting anyway.  It opens with a young lady walking into a stamp shop and being utterly ignored by the expert who’s seen too many Antiques Road SHow wannabees; of course, she *does* have a priceless stamp or two in the collection actually… but then, are the stamps hers, or her sister’s?  The five characters negotiate and scheme and threaten and go occasionally berserk, and when the one character lights up a cigarette it really does stink up the place ’cause it’s a teensy little theatre. IF you’re sensitive, don’t go.

It’s nice to have the bike back inorder.

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