Get thee a beater!

rusty bike parts

Honestly. THis is what salt does. I tried to get the front brakes working and I *did* get enough WD=40 in there and wiggled it enough to get it to go back… but then it doesn’t actually stop the bike now. Must adjust cable again.

(I’m not going to get a beater bike — just demonstrating what happens…)

I dropped to 522 in the bikejournal stats — but more to the point, in the bottom six in the “cycle time century” stats. (Much easier to run down rabbits from there, too.)   Thinking, as I did last year, of Calvin’s Challenge, and whether or not a girl could just do it without a “support team.”  Snork.  Of course. Will need a new camelbak, I s’pose, but it’s only 12 hours 😉

3 responses to “Get thee a beater!

  1. Hooterville Mayor

    I nearly wept when I say that picture.

    Here’s the thing. WD40 is cheap.
    (and I don’t give a flying beef burrito WHAT kind of propellant it uses)
    Use it!
    Propel it!
    Expel the badness away, with it!
    You do know that the WD stands for Water Displacement?
    Keep the can of WD40 in your nice warm house, and when you get home spray your entire driveline with it, and it will melt and displace all the ice and salt, and crud, from your trusty (and NOT rusty) steed.
    Won’t hurt your tyres, but keep it away from your brake pads for the obvious reasons.
    Trust the Mayor on this, my Nordic Sister.

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