Chilly but determined

I guess it’s a sign of my elderly status when one of my categories for blogging is death… the infamous Pansy Palmetto is dying, the cancer dxed 7 years ago having gone to her brain. (She was one of a group of us who became dominant fixtures over to the forum.) KNowing that she *and* Howard/Curtis were going to be at the “Hypoxian reunion” in 2008 kicked me into “go ahead, plan and get out there” — yes, in part because I wanted to meet her and knew her days were numbered. I’m glad there were hundreds more good ones. I furiously wish more people realized the stuff we do to ourselves and environment that cause this stuff — and get equally furious that just saying that creates a cognitive distance and turns life and death into “politics” and everything is assumed to be stated with a power-desiring agenda.

LIfe’s not to be wasted, dudes. So I’m gonna take my Molson down to ye olde BIke Project… probably with the Gazelle to at least think about looking at its back end (and grease the chain but then decide its back end is too complicated).

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