dry roads :)

… and old habits.   As I peeled up to teh about-to-turn-green light at Bradley and Country Fair, I happily noted that there wasn’t much Westbound traffic, and made my turn, and then realized that of course, the sidewalk is as clear and dry as the roads (and no, I’m not usually a sidewalk hopper, but this is 300 yards of clear, dry, unused pavement with one driveway that I make a right turn from into campus).

Truck and car coming behind me… happily, the truck peeled around me — and it was only the cab.  Unhappily, the car in the left lane stopped suddenly to turn left and there was a great deal of screeching rubber and distinctive odor.   Okay, already, I’ll remember the sidewalk tomorrow… and it made me wonder wehther Bradley would have been a good contender for a road diet with a dedicated left turn lane in the middle, and the blitherheads who call them “suicide lanes” when in fact, these rear-ender situations happen far more often when the “go fast to pass” lane is the same one as the “stop to turn left” lane.

I’m 250 on bike journal… not sure I’ll match last year’s miles since I’m flying East this weekend for a four day hiatus, but I’m going to try to get some distance in, somehow, somewhere.

One response to “dry roads :)

  1. Almost 60 miles already! You’re making it tough to stay ahead of you! Wait ’til I unleash the arctic hounds on you! 😉

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