It’s all relative — but I’m chilled.  I didn’t get chilled doin’ last year’s 45 —  but it wasn’t as windy and I was by myself and I came in every 15 miles or so, if I remember right. (Last year it ranged from 5 to 9 degrees.)  Oh, and I did wear another layer or three.  I think, though, that the best cure is to go back out and ride until I’m warm, but I’m not sure my weary quads agree.

Last night I rode out to the Esquire to take in the Duke of Uke and his novelty orchestra, and picked up a CD. I usually don’t leave ’til the band’s done but being New Year’s Eve I snuck away a little past 11. Goin’ down Washington some pedestrians were heard to say “Cool! Xtracycle!”

It was really nice to be able to ride the Trek and it looks like I’ll be able to ride whatever bike I want for a week or so — temps from 15-30 but no precipitation, and roads have the odd ice patch (sometimes in weird formations that make me wonder how they got there). I”m also out of shape, out of shape. Oh, I could still ride 100 miles — but the sustainable speed is about 80% of what it should be (maybe a touch better if you factor in whatever reasons I ride slower in winter).

Oh, but the Weird Thing of the Day was coming back in from the 33 on Florida and seeing a man all dressed in black, with black balaclava, standing in a driveway, with a white square on his front… as I passed, I noted that it said “White Cat Missing.”   Hmmm… perhaps the sign blew off wherever he tried to put it? I kept an eye out but didn’t see a white cat…


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