Laser Fingers and Festive 500 Day Two PICS

bike in snowy driveway

Note that just to the right of the tree… there’s another person on a bike.
… and pics from day 1, too. The dull routes are to be found at and  .   (Today’s isn’t done yet, so…)

I even almost pushed a little today, too… but mindful that sweating a lot when it’s cold means you have to *keep* sweating a lot or get chilled and I’m all about being  comfortable when I’m riding.  It didn’t snow at all last night, and I peeked at the radar and the white stuff was parting around us, so I figgered I’d get out for 10 even if it started snowing almost right away. I was heading south on Race and thinking of going to Philo when three flakes hit my nose as if to say “Um, remember?? It’s going to SNOW.”   So I turned right instead and did the 5-mile loop.   It didn’t actually start snowing for another 7 miles — the weather is kind to me 🙂

salty road before snow

the salted road — you’d think it was Christmas Eve, or something, and the crews wanted to get home.  (Note: my camera isn’t dated right. Obviously it’s not 9:00 at night…)

oncoming snow sky

This is what things looked like out on Race St.  Yup, the slightly darker stuff probably has those real flakes in it. (Yup. it’s comin’ down all seriously out there now – glad I’m not doing this from the front porch!)

snow sculptures

snow sculptures

Snow sculptures on McHenry east of Race (yes, taken before the “out there” on Race photo). Note the bucket for gathering the snow together (there are two bucket-bricks of snow there, too).

wet snowy salty road

same road after… it’s snowing 😉

bike at library

bike from yesterday at the library.

gloves with tiny lights

And my latest acquisition in the “cheap and tawdry stuff from China” collection.   Hey, almost all my other holiday shopping was local — got presents at the Food Coop and Wind, Water and LIght; didn’t even have to resort to Meijer or go out to THE MALL.   (Might do that Monday, tho’, for the siblings). These “laser fingers” are LED lights with a little elastic band to go on your fingers.

… oh, yea, I did get a yahoo shouting at me and flinging open his door … don’t know if it would have been closer had I not impulsively turned right (don’t usually do it that way but a rider does get hunches)… some folks ain’t listenin’ for the spirit…

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