Festive 500!

Somebody at facebook posted a link to the “Festive 500” — challenge to do 500 km from December 23-30.   Today I got off to a ssslooow start but  managed to get the Necessary Shopping in *and* squeeze out 45 miles.   ( http://ridewithgps.com/routes/246188 and another 12 mile loop just out to Old Church and back).  Make that 73 km … 427 to go!

It’s not snowing yet and the forecast has been mellowed; it was very ambiguous… said that well, kinda sorta most liketly 3-5 inches but any shift in anything could totally change that.  Now it says 3-4 north of Bloomington… 2-3 south of it… and maybe an inch tonight but I think that has gone by the boards.

There’s nifty snow sculpture on McHenry east of Race… I was too shy to photograph it ’cause it looked like the sculptor was still out there.  I’d asked on the previous trip and he said he hadn’t done the one at the IMC. Hope I can sneak out in the morning before the snow hits.

I’d forgotten what it was like to be riding for real in the winter, pushing a bit.  I went out and did a couple of loops around Old Church/Curtis/Race/Philo… then ducked into Meijer for foodstuffs. I suspect I was leaking endorphins.   Most people didn’t give me a second look, but one guy looked at my dampened locks and beatific smirk and – yes, it may have been entirely my imagination, but I suspect he’s an endorphin addict too, cause there was this bit of a grin, sort of an “I Know What YOu’ve Been doing” look (different from the ‘why are you so sweaty ?’ look…)

45 miles is longer than I’ve been in too long.   Might just have to do it again tomorrow!

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