LIvin’ Xtra Again

22 degrees this a.m. so the snow was hard, but I reminded myself that no, ice does not reach out from the curb, pick up your bike and hurl it to the ground whilst propelling you into the middle of the road.   And guess what?   It didn’t happen!   The rear brakes were still frozen, but not after I took the bike inside (it’s nearly deserted on this last business day before break).   I am happier with a FESTOONED bicycle… coupla blinkies on my backpack just isn’t flashy enough for me (alas, the battery pack for the LEDs on my wreath on the back of the Gazelle bobbled loose … when I saw it wasn’t in the basket I remembered the unaccounted-for-plastic-dropclatter I’d heard on the way in).

I rode in enjoying the ride, doing it Just To Get There And Have Fun Doing It… reflecting on the mindset difference between that and Knowing My Exact Mileage and Wanting To Do An Extra Few — I won’t even make 8000 miles this year.   I shall attribute it to the solar plexus shot in the motivation that Feb. 6 provided… last night riding home from singing at Jan’s I reminded myself of how brother Mike’s death 2/6 had lit a small fire of defiance and I shall continue to tend it and keep it burning.

And come Jan. 1… I’m gonna at least get out and do 45 as I did last year, when the weather was CRAPPY CRAPPY CRAPPY.   (Okay, if it’s *really* crappy, not just 9 degrees and icy enough to have to ride the Gazelle, I’ll settle for 25.)

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