Well, I’ll be plowed :)

my driveway plowed anonymously

When I peeked out the back door, there were rabbit tracks.  I didn’t hear the rabbit knocking, but it might have been trying to tell me there was somebody sneaking down my driveway with a snowblower. Makes me glad I’d done the right thing and shoveled in front of my house (tho’ I didn’t get to the rest of the stretch to the street).

The City of Urbana might consider hiring that person…  neither Gary nor I had a place to park for the Bike/Ped Advisory Commission meeting Tuesday.

Unplowed bike racks

The United Methodist Church did a much better job… and see??? I am not the only skirt-guarded cyclist out there 🙂

But… every once in a while I have to do something so people think I have a shred of sanity, and besides, I really, really, really don’t like riding on bad roads. (Today they were not at all bad. Some slush – but it was a toasty 20 degrees so salt worked well and I’d seen ’em salting wildly last night.)  I’d rather ride on a slightly crowded bus 🙂

crowded bus

The driver implored folks to get properly back so we all could fit, so’s he could still see to avoid those engineering students, cyclists and snowmen 😛

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