Bus Pass, Bus Pass

I really could have ridden in today.   Last year I probably would have,  since the Automatic Pilot that got me dressed and helmeted Tuesday would have been more automatic, and the snow is soft and light and it’s reasonably warm.   I wouldn’t be *happy* and it wouldn’t be fun… and that’s why I took the bus.   Tuesday I looked at the roads and they said “Oh, go ahead and ride me, it won’t be *that* bad!”  and today they *tried* to say that but they were less convincing than the bus pass that said “Go ahead and use me, you won’t get *that* fat!”

So.   I shall start a training regimen… tomorrow.  Other good thing about the bus pass is I can do things like CCB meetings downtown, tho’ I might go home and ride there. We’ll see which voice takes over 🙂


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