x84 6420

Hey, not everybody’s got the spirit… it started snowing a bit ago and we’re in a tight little strip of the stuff on the radar so I’m thinking we’ll get a few more inches before it oozes off.   So, I’m on the studs and feeling good — powder is infinitely less sscary than the hard stuff — and see a car a quarter mile off on Race and mount to go, knowing he’ll have to go around me.

“GET THE F*(& OUT OF THE WAY!!!!”   It’s an SUV… but… I’m mellow.   I gaily sing out “You’ve got plenty of room, I’ve very sorry to inconvenience your kind soul” (or words to the equivalent, and I do mean that) and they holler a little more and I say “Oh, I’ve already called 911” (yea, right! now, where is my phone?)   and they go around with passenger’s very pudgy hand with finger saluting me (but window rolled down on that side), leaving well over 3 feet between us,  I gaily call out “X84, 6420, got you…”   and they proceed onward.  (Oh, yea, my other influence was the lady who I’m sure hadn’t gotten into her house yet that I’d been chatting with about the likelihood of school closings.)   Oddly,  if there were a “scared/excited” scale like doctors have for pain, this has me at a 3, as in “aware of potential danger” and… might have a weird dream, but as long as I read something before I go to bed…  a big part of that being that if I have to think about riding, I can only give jerks so much of my attention.   I guess this is how it works for people who do exciting stuff all the time — I wasn’t as nervous about the riding, either, because I was paying attention to the yahoos in the car. Just no room for adverse hormonal secretions; not even very much adrenaline, just … hmmm… what’s a focus hormone?

The other car that had to go by on Washington didn’t take issue — and I was out in the middle of the lane, there, since I know there’s ice on the side.  And on the little bitty road I *did* pull over — but, after, there was room between parked cars and much *less* room on the side (and it was up hill).   No trouble getting the bike started again so it’s not even that slippery, but I bought that bus pass today for a reason 😉

I could have ridden today; it didn’t start doin’ until after 8:00.   Oh, and the snowman demise video has gone totally viral.   (One of my friends has declared the whole incident “classic ADD behavior”… which rings true…)

Oh, and it’s Yahoo guys lookin’ for jobs as well as CUMTD snowman doerinners. Ouch.   Hoping that they’re in a category where things work they way the should — where there’s a little down time, a ton of anxiety… and then a new job.

One response to “x84 6420

  1. I’ve been getting a little of the same treatment; keep your head up, stay alert, rely on those expert skills. Slog! Slog! Slog!

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