Too windy for words

I rode in to church before the winds picked up.  At 18 degrees, the salt was doin’ its salty thing. The roads were very slushy, but it wasn’t deep. Got to do my Boy Scout Deed as a lady in heels was trying to get her brother in a wheelchair up from the road to the sidewalk.   Yes, it was just the ramp — not even a hill — but there wasn’t traction enough and we had to work pretty hard to get up that eight feet or so.

Then it was off to church… my courage often failed me and I would ride to the left of the right lane to avoid riding through what my HEAD knew was slush and totally passable… but… then, I turned onto Wright and that’s all that was there and… yup, it was completely passable.   Only goin’ down Race did I finally succeed in completely squelching the “but maybe it’s not!” voice and simply ride on through.   I’d already decided not to ride out to the Parkland CHorus concert, because at some point it was going to freeze hard and I was only having a good time because the now 25-30mph winds were behind me. It’s much easier to bravely pedal when you don’t even need to to be moving, and tailwinds don’t mess with your vision.

The ride home made me appreciate my decision — it was still incredibly windy and, yes, things were pretty frozen up.   So.  Tomorrow is a bus day…  debating supporting CUMTD by purchasing a year’s pass for sixty bucks. When I got studded tyres, the winters got horrible.  So, if I get a bus pass, will we have 30 days of horrible roads?

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