Inches! INches!

Pics to follow, soon as I make a dent in the to do list…

I raced out to the store after work and successfully beat the snow — it had just started when I left.  Happily, the League of ILlinois Bicyclists meeting had already been relegated to phone status.  Prediction was the usual extremely vague “snow tonight, 1-2 inches” folowed by “snow in the day.”   And since it was clearly starting earlier than the “around midnight” that had been suggested (not by WILL on the radio — they read scripts and NO MORE thank you, and often the commercial describing the sponsor to the weather lasts about as long as the forecast), I figured … correctly… and we got more than half a foot of really, really pretty snow.   The 25 degree snow is the right flake size (the really cold stuff is so tiny and the just-about-freezing-or-better stuff is just soggy and wraps around migrating geese and drags them down)…   I brought the Gazelle down to the bike project and gave it a little oil and futzed with the brakes.

Rode to the parade, except for the parts I walked — I’m a weenie and a wuss. Studded tyres are still only two points of contact… this morning, I’m chuffed to say, I looked right at the solid (but thin…) ice on Main between Lincoln and Wright and Just Kept On Pedaling, wishing I had a lower gear.

Riding home I realized that I probably *should* have a lower gear, since I tried to shift up, and got to number 3 with no change… and it wouldn’t shift higher.  (Oh, yea, I rode Green Street which is more heavily traveled and therefore clear.)

Tomorrow my plan is to ride Green Street in, leaving early so’s to have less traffic… and to set up the trainer tonight ’cause it’s going to b e about 13 degrees. F.  Gonna do my Six MInute Spin.


2 responses to “Inches! INches!

  1. So, do you think that Ed Keiser would have predicted closer to the real total?At least the weekend meteorologist on channel three admitted that they missed it by a mile or six or seven and had some fun with it.

    • Ya know, I think Ed might have, as I did, seen the potential for a lot more snow and at least suggested that it might happen. Those eastern meteorologists do it all the time when those coastal things approach, ’cause you just can’t realluy tell when they’ll go out to sea.

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