Civility and Bliss

I am not at all good at friendly waves or other activities that take my hand from the handlebars.   (It’s why I long for other ways to signal.)   However, I do make it my mission to incur those magical moments of civility, and I’m looking for a better noun that includes the mood elevation that can happen.
Yesterday I arrived at the northbound corner of Race and Elm at about the same time as a car, concurrently with a CUMTD bus going Westward on Elm.  The car went forward but I did my Patented “I’m Stopping” Posture with planted feet and my top tube leaning over onto my thigh, making it clear I was waiting.  I got a smile and friendly wave from the operator.
It all adds to the endorphin effect and it’s close to impossible to incur in a car, tho’ it also happened when I was doin’ the Black Friday thing in my rental… I got in our car as another car successfully found a parking place and pulled in behind me… but of course there were vultures wanting my spot.   I started backing out and my SIL noted with disdain that gosh, the people in that car were getting out and walk right behind our car adn further complicating the maneuvers!   However, I’d seen the man leap enthusiastically to get behind my car, plant himself there and extend both arms… to guide me back for a most efficient egress that prompted an enthusiastic double-thumbs up from the next shopper to use my space.   So, what could have added snarl to the day was more like a flag-waving “UNITY! UNITY! WE SHALL CONQUER THE FOE AND SHOP SUCCESSFULLY!”  moment…

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