Back in the saddle again…

The Dahon’s rear brake is pretty darned dubious — needs brake pads — so I left it in the trunk for the duration.  (Unlike the Xtracycle, I *can* imagine an endo. I haven’t done an endo. I don’t want to.)  I woke up Saturday With My Old Body.   YOu know, the flaccid one that doesn’t liek moving.

Amelioration begins today.  Windy commute but 34 degrees; showers in the forecast so I’ve got rain gear.  We’ll see how good the cheap rain-tex does; I *think* this is one that I washed in the “refresh your waterproofing” goo.(It sorta felt like it.)

Put trainer int he back room but haven’t put the Trek in it.   I like the idea of riding those tyres that were popping like firecrakers in October where the laminate separated from the Kevlar, wearing them out where failure isn’t a nuisance. Hopefully they won’t fail and they can be “trainer tires” for the rest of my life.


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