not quite bike culture

Couple of examples of “infrastructure doesn’t change the culture” here…

that’s the nice smoothing done on three of four corners at that new curb cut.   Here’s the fourth corner — the “curb cut” for the bicycles.

yea, pinch flat territory…

Then coming home, here’s the ‘before’ picture of the bike lane on State STreet:

pile of leaves on bike path

I had no trouble goin’ around, but decided to make a statement.  I have big feet.

Whilst I was at the task, drivers went by carefully… and two people parked in the immediate vicinity, one of whom crossed the street and entered teh abode this is in front of.  I decided to shuffle the leaves between cars rather than pile ’em under the car since that car might not have anything to do with the inconsiderate leaf blower and I haven’t graduated to trying to “make it bad for cars whenever you can.”

Here’s culture outdoing infrastructure at Parkland

bike rack so full people have to park on trees

Yessirree bob, they’re parkin’ ’em on the trees for lack of space.  Now that it’s gotten nippy, it’s down to two or three cycles.  There’s a nice one I think abandoned at another rack… I’m going to see what I can do to keep it from rusting out.

Oh, but I see you’ve noticed one of the specimens above… here’s a close up… my bike gets all kinds of excited parking near this gem.

green schwinn racer beautiful


5 responses to “not quite bike culture

  1. I like the addition of pictures!

  2. Thanx — my pictures tend to be verbal, not visual, statements 🙂

  3. Waitaminute – people blow their leaves into the street and just leave them there?

  4. Um… they don’t go out and pick ’em up, no. THey were gone by the next time I went by — don’t know how. Remember, this is the wild, mild midwest without the population density that mandates more legislation… Champaign *does* require some people to remove snow from walkways if they’re downtown…

  5. I can imagine what the locals would say here if someone did that trick with the leaves. It seems a shame that so much energy is wasted blowing away good compost as well…

    And good on you for making a point…

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