New Month :)

Chilly… commuted two hours later than the usual one hour late having hung around for the ATT tech guy to come out and figure out that he coudln’t do anything.  As with the last guy I talked to, tho’, he figured it out quickly without going over all the ground already covered.  He left, and on my ride in I was called by the Other Tech Guys who Fix The Big Lines  ’cause they were about to get there.  I told ’em I wasn’t there and they said that was fine; it would be ready when I got home. So, I really might have Internet tonight.

Less traffic, it seemed, than the usual commute times, so yes, Champoo-Banana *does* have “rush hour.”  It’s just not a very big rush 🙂

I’m usually less than productive with “free time” in the morning.  However, the knowledge that I was WAITING FOR THE ATT PERSON aggravated me so that I DIDN’T WANT TO WASTE TIME.  I got a load of laundry in and finished a book and reviewed that project that I’m doing in lieu of nanowrimo… which is to get both my amazing spelling software exercises rolling and my “nine lines for flash” things off the ground.

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