Pictures, pictures! I’ve got pictures!

I *shall* endeavor to smooth out the process and do it more often, instead of not getting to it and therefore reinventing it each time.

First, the new curb cut and where the old one was… which is, in teh second picture, the new pavement to the*right* of the curb cut which is also a new one, better aligned with the sidewalk.

That’s right, it would seem they made a curb cut for the crosswalk **and** a curb cut for bicyclists crossing the street.

New curb cuts for cutting through campus at U of Illinois

New curb cuts for cutting through campus

Old curb cut (and my bike)

2 responses to “Pictures, pictures! I’ve got pictures!

  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ That is indeed exciting! Do you have more info on the project, or perhaps a nice campus map pointing to the location? I have mentioned here(SUNY Plattsburgh) that we need to provide for cyclists transitioning from on-the-road riding (in lane or not) to the campus wide path to the buildings environment, rather than make them use the ped curb cuts (which are full of peds!) It might take some cyclists off the sidewalk, where they are almost running into peds at every turn! It would be great to see a good example (if it is one) in another uni setting. Email is fine ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Welp, if you read more recent posts… it’s an example of teeny tiny steps … well, as long as there’s no trace of inconvenience for any other priorities because cyclists sure aren’t… oh, we’ll make a *plan*…

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