A little breezy

Grist has an article about “real stats” regarding how much law-scoffing really happens in NYC by bicyclists… and it’s legion — as it is with pedestrians and drivers, too.  http://www.grist.org/article/2010-10-25-in-new-yorks-bike-lanes-who-are-the-real-scofflaws/N10/#comments

Today was pretty windy going in.  I’m afraid I was inspired *not* to call in and pledge to WILL simply because hearing how they provide what I need while the weather wails outside, instead of actually telling me **anything** about the weather that I couldn’t get a little further down the dial at the automated weather was incredibly annoying.  In fact, the recitation of the weather script was interrupted by a tornado warning (for other counties), but absolutely no notice was made thereof.  Okay, I **am** mildly curious about why they can’t say “this is what I see on radar.”   Personal refusal to pretend to be weather-savvy out of loyalty to the canned?   Edict from on high regarding What You Can Say about the Weather?  Radar is considered intellectual property and therefore describing what you see on The Weather Channel on a radio station is illegal transformation of information?  Complete and utter ignorance that people actually care about what’s really happening?

I changed the radio channel to WWHP and they *were* talking about the weather, albeit in Farmer City.  However, two Right Wing Political Ads and four Seriously Redneck Songs later, I had to bail.  I’ve got nothing against the survival of long-haired country boys, but there’s more to the world than that. Oh, WHFS (“4853 Cordell Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland.”), the sweet memories… no, it didn’t survive time either, so I can’t get it online.

Today, at just before 7, I am informed that it was rainign in Decatur and… two minutes later, it starts pouring on my awning. It abated a bit later and I went to the porch and got on the INternet, which I’ll have in the house at the end of the week.  Radar told me this would pass, and I got inside before the next deluge hit. Thursday is the estimated connection date for my very own connection – but I’m not supposed to try to hook anything up until 8:00 p.m.

Ride in was pleasant and delightful.    I stopped to snap a picture — which, alas, I don’t have the cable to upload and share — of the Brand Spanking New Cut Curb on Goodwin and Main.   This lets me cruise from Main straight on up through instead of having to cut sharply right to get to the crosswalk cut curb.  This is the U, so no telling whether they’ll do the same at the other end, but it’s nice.

I am pretty sure, though, that the honk-and-point that happened on Church Street, coming out of the  of Prospect, was a driver wishing I were on the sidewalk.  That’s the first time that’s ever happened out there — it’s two lanes, one-way with parking on both sides.  At the honk I”d automatically responded with the standard full-body grin and wave ’cause maybe I’m s’posed to know you, and the driver slowed exactly as one would who was considering further response, but then kept going.  I checked my baggage and nothing was falling out (the far more common reason people honk and point).  Ah, well, A65 4328… I hope you were just waving and nobody has to pay later today if you were frustrated. A lane and three quarters really ought to be enough for ya, though, since nobody else was there.

LIghts went out here… just a second, but everything reboots. Autorecover worked for all for whom it mattered but now they know that lights do go out…I’ve been singing “Jesus saves and so should you!” an awful lot the past few weeks…


One response to “A little breezy

  1. IIRC, honking in NYC is a $400 fine. Why is that not enforced?

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