Mast and a Half

If we have half mast for sadness, we should have MAST AND A HALF for jubilation. I shall heretofore proclaim my candidacy for (oh, I don’t know) on the MAST AND A HALF platform. Of course, flagpole sitting will be revived as a recreational pursuit.

(Can you tell it was a brisk fall morning with a sprightly endorphin-inducing headwind?  I have also successfully completed TWO not one but TWO paperwork completion and delivery tasks… before 8:15.  We may be due for an earthquake.)

Yesterday two runners paused with me at a red light in downtown Champaign… and I saw them walking… well ahead of me… as I got to Church and State.  That be rockin’ runnin, dudes.

Today a youngster on a mountain bike bounded perpendicularly across sidewalks and crosswalks at Mattis and Church just as our light turned green, but I meandered faster to the college.  Vehicular riding was faster.


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