autumn is even better

I like the crisp ones better than the soggy, mornings that is 🙂

Got passed on Race STreet by a white sedan with lots of interesting bumper stickers, including “Wheaton College” and “Homeschooling is a work of heart.”  I’d spied the logo for, I think, the YMCA as he pulled away from the four-way stop, but figured I’d get a full read up at the red light at Main.

Actually, he pulled up to the intersection, looked both ways, and calmly ran the red light making a left turn.  Now, he’d basically stopped at the four-way, albeit doing *something* that attracted my attention, but I don’t think it was the stuff people do when they’re in such a hurry they make left turns on red after stops.  It’s also the second such incident in less than a fortnight, but the other one was late on a Monday night.

Dropped by the bike shop to see what silly thing I’d done changing my flat that meant I had no rear brakes … none at all.  Ya know, squeeze the brakes and… nothing even slows down.  Welp, the question was rather “what do you mean, they worked before?”  I know they worked before.  They made small moanings and screechings before as I’d start up.

Happily, they work *really* well now 🙂 🙂 Champaign Cycle rocks 🙂


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