Indian Summer…

… looks like we get one more day.

Another weather forecast making me miss REal Meteorologists:  blithely reading through a forecast that stated we’d had showers in the area.  Did *we?*  Doesn’t matter, that’s not in the text.  No, it hadn’t been in yesterday’s “forecast.”  Then the information that — gosh, golly! — our temperatures were going to be well above average today!  Of course, they were yesterday and the day befoer and the day before that, and it wasn’t mentioned then.  Whether or not it will continue wasn’t discussed.  None of the “here’s what’s happening here” — which *anybody* who can see out a window could do — information.  Why have live people on the radio at all?  Yes, I’m intending to still support WILL — but only because I still pay taxes even though I don’t like what is done with those funds AT ALL… this is much the same thing now.

Ah, but riding 🙂 🙂   BLISS!!!   Rode the Trek in today ( wondering how much Red Mud was made creating it per  )  and should do that more often because being able to accelerate is FUN, and condensing the contents of what I carry is just a good idea.  I do, though, have to figure out how to put the back wheel of the Xtracycle on so that the brakes engage.  I swear that when I stepped on the brake pedal upside down, the rear wheel stopped.  Right side up, though, there is No Brakeage At All.  I’ll try one more time before carefully takin’ it to Champaign Cycle… the front brakes work just peachily.  Decided not to change the tyre yet — despite its history of delamination and slapping of layers around, they just haven’t deteriorated further, and there’s still plenty of Kevlar between me and the shards of life.

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