Sweet 110 on ten ten ten

Welp, okay, it was really 115 …

It was a sweet ride on several levels. First, it’s October and it went up into the 80’s… and we left at dawn so we got out purty far with almost no wind. Second. My Garmin came in handy as we wove through Decatur, we got separated so Joel and I got to wait under a tree for the other two to come back from where they *thought* they were chasing us, which meant they got to chase and we got to rest, which was perfect.
The other weekend back a ways, we went through Tolono’s “Community Day of Yard Sales” — idea being that if a whole *mess* of people are doin’ the yard sale thing, epople will drive in from Other Towns. And it seems towns of Similar SIzes Do That. Welp, we were quite happy because another thing Towns Of A Certain Size seem to be doing is … well, the restaurant would be *closed* but… it’s the *third* SUnday of the month, so it’s buffet day… but what the heck, if all we want is pancakes, that’s okay, too. (xious cannot do a buffet any kind of justice on a real ride. She can’t eat on an empty stomach.) we did *two* of these “third Sunday” buffets, the second of which was completely a FUndraiser for Breast Cancer REsearch and they, too, were cool with “hey, can we just have PIE???”   THen we stopped in the Blarney Stone in Ivesdale
Very, very happily, that ol’ wind kinda picked up so miles 80-110 were Assisted Living.

I feel all young and peppey!


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