This is what’s on our bicycle route map as an “unofficial bike route.”  It’s unsanctioned, but used every day (at 6:40 am, I was not the only user).

… and nobody’s even getting married 😉

I”m enjoying the GPS.  I got a request for a route to Curtis Orchard, and I could have done it all digitally, but hey!  with this gizmo… I decided that if Curtis (not the orchard) could greet his 50’s by doing a triathlon and a marathon (and not the sprinty kind), I could stay up late and get up early just like I use-ta do when I was a young thing, and take a long way in on an 8:00 arrival day. I didn’t have to leave before sunrise (like I did to get to Perrysville at 9:00 on Labor Day). I cruised over to the Unofficial Bike Path that cuts through Orchard Downs, meandered down to St. Mary’s and past the ROAD CLOSED TO THRU TRAFFIC signs, dodged the athletes coming out of the stadium (it was just about 7:00 then).    There was a steady stream coming up St. Mary’s … one a student who streaked past the barriers as I was getting out of the “road closed,”  and I bemoaned students who expect everybody to get out of their way, and then proceeded to act just like one as I saw the next driver on St. Mary’s  slow before turning, so I went straight on through, and figured she was bemoaning people on bicycles who expect everybody to get out of their way…

THen it was across Neil Street and up to Devonshire, and then to the Boulware Path, past the huge plastic swans in the ponds (had to stop taking pictures about this point, being mindful of the clock). West on Arbours to Prospect and up along the bike path.

I turned RIght on Curtis in the interest of time, and to appreciate that it goes through now.  It’s got something like a bike path along the side, for a while.  This created a conflict moment as somebody cut a tad closely in front of me heading into Barkstall Elementary.  It was nowhere near student arrival time, so I assume this was an employee. Slightly separated sidepaths have their significant suckages. It was only a tad close, but only because I wasn’t going very fast and “playing pedestrian” (as opposed to “playing car,” Ms. Butt).  I got out on the road … and a few yards later the bike path ended anyway.  There’s a nice, wide shoulder *and* I’m going right at DUncan, so that worked out.

Then I connected my GPS to my computer, uploaded that route, and noted a few places where the satellites hiccoughed… I could zoom in CLOSELY and no, I didin’t cut across the grass there… then send file out to Ben and say “may there be fine adventures!!”

I recommended that the adventurous Curtis-Orchard bound souls take that Prospect Path all the way to Old Church so that they have right turns instead of left and ’cause Curtis should siphon a fair amount of “arterial” traffic away from Old Church.  I had time to do an extra lap around campus, which was nice ’cause by lunchtime, the winds were BRISK and a half.  Must find sunglasses.

Took off an hour to do the “continuing beginner” yoga at 5:45 (or whatever the name is for “keep doing beginner stuff”).  THis was the “restorative poses” week… so I ahve another week to practice and try to catch up in strength and just remembering the silly poses. I “won the prize” for being least flexible in the crosslegged poses ( As yet another blanket was placed to support my legs with my knees stickin’ up in the air, I refrained from saying “bicycle riding and celibacy will do that.”)

Pictures to follow…

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  1. In my area, San Mateo County bike map also marks social / unofficial “bike routes.” It’s pretty cool.

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