Fall’s coming

Today and tomorrow shall be toasty but it was nice after some cooler weather, knowing that the Dark Cold Days will soon Be Upon Us, tho’ I strongly suspect it won’t be a repeat of last year.

Got some “bicycle pants” from Gramicci and I hope aggressive washing shrinks them, tho’ I’m also at my seasonal skinniest and under 140 pounds.

Rode the bike lane on State yesterday and there was something like reflective sand directly on the bike lane stencil markings on *some* of them.  I pondered whether it might not be crushed glass left by a heinous vandal, but it was quite finely ground.  I was inspired to cruise North on State and be bemused at what I suppose is just unfinished work; there is a stretch with just one stripe painted and no stencil or inside stripe – but a “bike lane” road sign.  Speculation:  “they” wanted one more home game’s worth of parking on both sides of the street… or perhaps two… but right now it *is* totally confusing.

Lots and lots of bicycles out there. The yahoo coming straight at me down the bike lane (I went out into the lane rather than play chicken) got my best sarcastic “you’re going the wrong way” so I shall continue attempts to retrain my voice to do that without the “you completely useless container of flesh” implication, since that’s a useless thing to convey.  It’s not as if the cute little stencil doesn’t have a HUGE ARROW.

Person at BIke Project wants to enhance her car-free culture by learning Bikes.  Happy happy!  She bought one and asked about culture and laws… andc I remembered to tell her that the mirror should be a very early add-on  ’cause it made going with traffic make sense (and that a four-dollar flashlight and rubber band cast an awful lot of light; getting a $20 headlight especially if night riding weren’t a habit was unnecessary).

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