New Bike Lanes ;)

It took several days to recover from my head injury — that helmet really bruised me.   Possibly more risk from wearing one than not — but I do need a place to put my mirror 🙂   I *am* appreciating that siad mirror (Chuck Harris recycled spoke/old glass special) is now properly mounted under helmet padding — no more red marks from the spoke mount.

I’d been wondering when and how Champaign would execute the planned bike lanes on Randolph and State, remembering the Car Dude who questioned bike facilities on “the main artery” (Neil STreet isn’t?) — which is to say, if the road isn’t a culdesac, it’s too busy for you little bicycle people.

I am impressed.  (Okay, and surprised.)  The bike lane is wide and out, away from the potholes; there’s room for parking but it’s not a parked up road.  (I think parking was taken away from only one side — Mr. “this is an artery” may have to cross the street if his driveway is full.)  They’re dashed where there are cross streets, and then they disappear approaching Hessel — and there are two big sharrows right smack in the middle of each lane where I have to make a left turn.

At the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary picnic, Sandy said that the lanes concerned her.  I was going to defend them but realized I hsould find out what the issue was… she was worried about cars making right hand turns when bicyclists would be going straight.  I explained that that was why the lines were dashed — and that yes, that was an issue whether or not there were bicycle lanes, so that now she was *thinking* about it… and that fortunately most drivers were pretty good at waiting a few seconds and turning behind a bicyclist.  I didn’t go into the full spiel about the bike lane having the rider further out and more visible and less likely to be clipped… somebody else said something about being confused when lanes stopped and started again but then it was time to do something.   Based on this, I’d say that bike lanes *do* get drivers thinking about the presence of bicycle riders… and that they may perceive more danger because they’re now aware of the dangers that have been there all along.  Hmmmm.

2 responses to “New Bike Lanes ;)

  1. Your point that cycling lanes cause car drivers to be more aware of cyclists is a good one. I’ll keep it in mind when I’m discussing this same subject with my neighbors. The city I live in has proposed traffic calming measures on my street. They proposed a traffic circle at the corner of my block, among other measures, and my neighbors are fighting it. I’m trying to be reasonable when I talk with the neighbors, but I keep thinking they are against any change regardless of the rationale behind it.

  2. Welp, it’s a bit like Ms. Butt and her letter saying that bikes “playing car” by riding on the street bothered her greatly; we should be on the sides. Indeed, that’s where she’s *not* going to be bothered, as she won’t even see us … until she is one of those very sincerely regretful people saying “I’m sorry I hit you — I didn’t see you” at one of the many subtle conflict and contact points along the bike path. If we’re out where you can see us, you *have* to deal with us… so it’s an inconvenience.

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