“playing car”

To the lady in the News Gazoo who wants nbicycles to go Where THey Belong on Windsor, specifically, the off road path:

I do understand that it’s frustrating to be behind a slower vehicle, when you feel it has a better place to be.   I ask you to kindly consider that I’m not “playing car,” I’m riding my bicycle.  I understand that if I “played pedestrian” instead, I would be out of your way, but I humbly ask that you make room for me on the road I pay taxes to build and maintain.

You talk about being expected to ride “into oncoming traffic” to get around me … welp, I learned how to pass safely on two lane roads and you should have, too.   Fact is, you won’t have long on Windsor where it’s got the bike path and only two lanes, so if you’re not comfortable, just wait. It’s what a *lot* of “typical” drivers (which you maintain you are) do.

You see, the other fact is that the “side path” is a bit of outdated road design.  There are places where it’s appropriate, where well designed, but where there are frequent side streets and plant life that doesn’t get trimmed and glass and debris, the streets are safer, even if I do “play pedestrian.” If you do a little research, you’ll notice a stark paucity of side paths in the bicycle master plan for the Champaign-Urbana area.

Look at the people on the paths, and then look at the riders on the roads.  I strongly suspect that the ones on the path ride more like ‘players.”  The ones on the road are usually commuters, like you.

2 responses to ““playing car”

  1. here here!

    I work hard to explain the difference between a good sidepath and nothing more than a recreational trail that does not even dump me along the same route! People understand though (typically), if you provide them with enough explanation about the hazards of the poor design

  2. Well said.
    I guess that’s the result of the car culture: drivers are so used to getting everything their way that it seemingly takes little to annoy them. My experience ties up with John though: drivers are usually reasonable if you explain things.

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