Saturday Sauna

… well, this morning’s ride started out as such but then the promised cool front has moved in, so it’s more pleasant now.  Good news for the couple with the outside wedding planned for today 🙂

I got to do shopping yesterday because Parkland was essentially closed because of a nasty short circuit that took out a mes sof power and the computer systems.  Lessons learned looking at open barn door:  You can’t call students and tell them not to come if you don’t have their phone numbers because you can’t access hte computer system (I’m thinking screen shot of days appointments saved to Flash Drive would do that).  Lesson B:  we *could* get students to sign onto IRIS during orientation, tho’ it would have had to be sent out earlier than 9 a.m. to help people coming down from Chi-town.  Since emails could neither be sent nor received, and the web presence wasn’t, IRIS’s “alert, students don’t come to campus and staff contact supervisor’s” could have come in handy.

I tarried a bit and then did some banking so that it was 10:00 when I went by CHampaign Cycle — or close enough that they had the “open” sign out.  I cruised in to get help in discerning the source of the slapping sound coming from my rear tire.  Hoisted the critter and spun — no noise.  There is, though, a nice sized bubble where the surface is separating from the Kevlar. I got ’em in early June … about 2000 miles ago, which isn’t so good for this kind of tire, but it’s a ;heavy bike and I am thinking the heat has taken its toll.  It got a bit louder today… but it’s still intact so I’m going to keep riding, tho’ perhaps Ill toss a tyre in the side bag.

Coveting a Transport on general principle, tho’ there is serious elegance in the Free Radical on Generic Hybrid that would ring up $950, not $1200.  Wonder how components would compare.

Moustache ride tonight.  I’ll gather the blender and bring it to the bike coop in case that would make things more fun.


One response to “Saturday Sauna

  1. Hooterville Mayor

    A friend had some trouble with some Continental Gatorskins with the sidewalls pretty much disintegrating, and he only had about 500 miles on them. I said that I had over 2000 miles on my Michelin Lithions and they still look like new. 😉

    Love my Michelins, which is why they probably stopped making the Lithion. I will have to try their Kryllion tyres instead.

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