It’s the New School Year!

I was painfully reminded of the “how to be a pacifist” lesson (see last wee’s video post), ’cause I was lacking in it today… I rode through campus and waited at ye olde red light… it turned green… the car opposite me at the traffic signal did a U turn in front of me without so much as a by-your-leave. Compassion did not fill my heart, mind or tongue; I concocted scathing comments about Texan Imperialists instead. At the next traffic light, the pedestrian countdown ended, our light turned green and … …. oh, we’re talking on the phone. (Same driver.) “Hang up and drive, b!” At this point I realized that no, I wasn’t exactly making a good impression on a lost and frustrated person who was, at least, showing up EARLY and no, hadn’t endangered me. Oh, and now the car was just stopped, so I could at least holler “pardon my language”… and then the driver turned off.
All week there have been the expected “new school year”riders, including one on the morning commute heading Eastbound on Church from Prospect, with what looked like moderate terror in his eyes because no, there really isn’t room to go the wrong way there… most people doin’ that schtick are on the sidewalk.
Time to make productivity happen 😉

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