The secret joys of the full stop.

So the last two times I sat with full stop at teh “no turn on red” at Fourth and Peabody, I was “busted” by public officials.  Ya know, even if they didn’t really notice, it’s all smuggifying to be blatantly obedient to the law right in front of them 😛

I’d also pondered the “no turn on red when pedestrians or bicycles are present” at Kirby and Fourth. I wondered if bicyclists were being relegated to pedestrian status.  D’oh.  Coming back from Outside there was a bicycle… waiting at the red, on the far right side of the lane.  Sure *does* make sense that a driver get instructed not to do a right turn on red.  (Doesn’t necessarily mean the cyclists weren’t being relegated to pedestrian status, and yea, the guy prob’ly should have been more strategically located out in the lane, but the lane structure really didn’t lend itself to that.)

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