Going west!

had a nice long ride out testing the CUAP ride routes out aroundMansfield.  Coudn’t find camera, tho’ I”m just crappy at getting it out and aiming.  There were adult deer and two adorable fawnlets, and then a great blue heron just hangin’ out in the road, followed by a Cathartes aura doin’ the same thing on a carcass.  The bridge into Centerville is still out, so we have to route around that and, alas, I didn’t bring the right connector to work to ask Sir Garmin where I was exactly getting around the bridge.

Sir Garmin had a temporary total fail.  Just after I was feeling enamored of him for telling me I was going East when I certainly didn’t want to be,  the map disappeared.  The settings for finding the map indicated that I didn’t have anything like a map in there.  I cursed Sir Garmin for his infidelity and made my best guess and in no time voila! the Forest Preserve was before me, with two cyclists who came on our FOurth of July ride there on bikes, and Claudia and Mark Washburn in their car.  So much for getting out to the middle of nowhere 😉   It also gave me time to analyze the problem and figure that if it didn’t think I had maps, I should pull the map chip out and stick it back in.  It worked.

I didn’t, however, get consistent views of the itty bitty roads out in nowheresville.  Even the CIty Navigator didn’t have ’em all.   Of course, keeping up with the construction on 150 would be a challenge anyway.

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